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We are a Midlands based facility with a global purpose

We work with individuals and organisations across the UK and beyond, collaborating on a diverse range of projects with a real-world focus.

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Our values

Our mission is to improve the quality of patient care through industry partnership and collaboration.

By widening access to world-class facilities, equipment and expertise, we are accelerating the development of innovative medical technologies, services and devices for organisations across a broad range of medical and health sectors.

Our history

Our journey began in the late 2010s, as medical technology researchers at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) identified some of the challenges surrounding medical product development and getting innovations to market as quickly as possible.

With support from the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership in 2021, the Medical Technologies Innovation Facility (MTIF) was born – a £23M dual-site research and development facility designed to strengthen alliances between scientists, engineers, clinicians and entrepreneurs.

Our progress in photos

From the laying of the foundations to the latest kit installation, take a look back at our progress from then to now.

Why work with us?

If you’ve got an idea to improve patient care, we can transform it into a reality.

Access a network of companies, funders and experts

Benefit from world-class guidance and expertise

Enjoy flexible rates to work around you

Utilise open workspace and kitchen facilities

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Success story: PathoShield

PathoShield products are designed to ship blood vials, swabs and other samples safely and compliantly. Find out how we supported PathoShield to assess the antiviral effectiveness of their novel surface treatment.