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Accelerating innovation from bench to bedside

Whether you’re looking to commercialise a new product, improve efficiencies or expand to new markets, we have the equipment and facilities to turn your ideas into a reality.

Discover our facilities

Two researchers working

Laboratory space

From laser processing to bioactive surfaces, smart medical textiles to tissue culture, our laboratory spaces are delivering world-leading research for a broad range of industry and sector clients.

Two people working in the cleanroom


Suitable for development activities, process optimisation and commercial manufacture of proprietary products, our cleanroom spaces are fully validated and span IS0 6 and GMP grade A, C and D quality standards.

Sim Body in the Integrated Theatre Suite

STERIS OR HexaVue TM Integrated Theatre Suite

With state-of-the-art specifications and connectivity, the STERIS OR Integrated Theatre Suite is completely unrestricted by clinical lists, giving you the opportunity to train, rehearse and develop technologies in record time.

MRI machine

MRI facility

Our 1.5T whole body Siemens MRI machine is located inside a replicated hospital environment, suitable for responsive sample evaluations and clinical trials, as well as training and live demonstrations.

MTIF Collaboration space

Meeting and event space

Our rooms and spaces include online conferencing facilities, enabling real-time collaboration in person and online. With in-house catering available, we can host workshops, training and events for small to medium sized groups.

People in the collaboration pods

Collaborative working space

Comfortably seating six guests, our Collaboration Pods foster ideas, creativity and communication, providing the perfect environment for collaboration and troubleshooting.

Our equipment

BioXP DNA/rNA Printer

BioXP DNA/mRNA Printer

Our Bio XP DNA/mRNA Printer is a state-of-the-art instrument within synthetic biology, enabling rapid, high-throughput synthesis of DNA and mRNA.

Flow Cytometry Machines

Our suite of Flow Cytometry Machines can elevate your research and analysis.

PHCBI Incubators

PHCBI Incubators

Revolutionise your research with PHCBI Incubators – the epitome of accuracy and reliability in life sciences.

A small MinION machine

Genomic sequencing devices

Our facility is home to a high-tech duo of genomic sequencing devices, designed to streamline and elevate processes.

Cryogenic storage facilities

The MTIF Innovation Centre is home to a number of market-leading cryogenic facilities to assist you to meet your unique cell-therapy, analysis and research needs.

Bioquell Grade A Isolator Qube

Bioquell Grade A Isolator Qube

Our cleanrooms contain a state-of-the-art Bioquell Grade A Isolator Qube, providing users with access to an aseptic GMP grade A area to keep their tech development and scale production on track.

Hamamatsu FDSS uCell set 3

Hamamatsu FDSS uCell set 3 Chemiluminescence Luminometer

Our Hamamatsu FDSS uCell set 3 Chemiluminescence Luminometer is a state-of-the-art instrument at the forefront of drug screening.


JA Woollam infrared variable angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometer (IR-VASE)

This cutting-edge instrument sets the standard for precision in characterising thin films and nanostructures.

qPCR Machine

Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) and PCR Machines

Take a look at the qPCR and PCR equipment located within MTIF’s Bioactive Surfaces Lab.

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