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Revolutionise your genetic research

This cutting-edge printer enables rapid, high-throughput synthesis of DNA and mRNA, accelerating the pace of genetic engineering and molecular biology. The BioXp™ system provides overnight, automated synthesis of genes, clones, DNA libraries, and mRNA, enabling users to more tightly integrate design and build cycles, driving greater productivity and reducing time to answer.

Inside of BioXP DNA/mRNA Printer

Streamlining your workflows

The Bio XP’s user-friendly interface and automation features streamline workflows, making it an indispensable tool for labs pushing the boundaries of genetic innovation.

The BioXP DNA/mRNA printer inside

Accelerating development

The BioXPTM system can accelerate the development and discovery of new mRNA and DNA vaccines and biologics from building, cloning, and amplifying gene fragments to constructing DNA variant libraries in less than a day. This machine is one of only a few available for use outside of big pharma and is located within our Bioactive Surfaces Lab.


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