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Shaping the future of medical technologies

With over 100 years of combined experience, our experts can help you to overcome barriers and achieve your business goals.

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Cell therapy research services

Renowned for their expertise in cell therapy, our researchers offer specialised in vitro testing services for medical device materials, combined with flexible terms to provide quick and cost-effective pathways for concept validation.

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Clinical research services

Offering solutions to accommodate a wide range of research and clinical trials needs, we can conduct research on your behalf, train your staff, or provide access to our world-class equipment and facilities for translational research purposes.


Development and innovation

Our range of client services include new product development, such as prototyping, technical assessments and design for manufacture. We support our clients from concept development all the way to market launch.

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Microbiology services

Our Microbiology experts offer services in a range of fields such as antiviral and antibacterial assays of solids, liquids, and porous materials, as well as assessments of novel antimicrobial technologies.


Imaging services

From atomic imaging to magnetic resonance, our fully-serviced, state-of-the-art imaging suite provides unlimited opportunities to explore ideas and accelerate your next project.

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Genomic research services

Providing contractual research support for a range of genomic-related research projects, our lab technicians use the latest sequencing devices, qPCR machines and benchtop NMRs, which can be hired with their assistance if required.

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Professional training and CPD

Our laboratories and facilities provide the ideal environment to upskill your team. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art equipment and flexible hire terms, which allow for short-term use at affordable rates.

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Materials research

MTIF is home to some of the best thin film, biosensor, and medical textile research facilities in the world. Research, testing and analysis can be delivered by our experts on your behalf, giving you the freedom to focus on other priorities.