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Delivering excellence in microscopy and spectroscopy

Whether you’re working on commercial projects, research or teaching, our Imaging Suite has the equipment and academic credentials to supports your needs.

Fully integrated with our analytical, experimental and technical services, the Imaging Suite ensures seamless support for all your microscopy and spectroscopy requirements.

Scanner in the Imaging suite

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The Imaging Suite supports the delivery of electron, visible light and scanned probe microscopy and associated spectroscopy projects.

Look around the Imaging Suite below.

Sample preparation facilities

Sample preparation facilities include laboratory space for mounting, embedding, sectioning and staining specimens prior to analysis (please enquire for specific techniques). Facilities include microtomes, an ultramicrotome and stereo microscopes.

For electron microscopy a Quorum Q150R ES is available for sputter coating (Pt, Au), carbon thread evaporation and glow discharge.

Dr Graham Hickman

// Technical Specialist

Dr Graham Hickman

Dr Graham Hickman leads the Imaging Suite at MTIF, which is a core facility in the School of Science and Technology at Nottingham Trent University.

MRI scanner

MRI Scanner

In addition to the aforementioned imaging techniques MTIF also has access to an MRI scanner which is available to use for clients. We offer extremely flexible hire terms for the machine with minimum bookings of half day hire.

Get in touch with us to learn more about using our MRI Facilities.