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Our services include standardised biofilm testing services, cytotoxicity and immunological assays, genomic analysis, and bespoke method development to meet the unique microbiology needs of our clients.

We complement these services with cytotoxicity assays to assess the impact of materials on mammalian cells. All procedures adhere to ASTM and ISO standards, ensuring efficient data collection, development and testing from the laboratory to clinical application.

Our research also focuses on the synthesis and characterisation of materials and the analysis of biofluids. We assess different materials using a range of analytical techniques, including NMR, UV-Vis, FTIR, and other spectroscopies, as well as imaging, mechanical testing, and leaching behaviour investigation.

Research expertise and services

Discover the experts and facilities behind our microbiology research services.

Dr Samantha McLean

Dr Samantha McLean

Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow

Dr Samantha McLean leads MTIF’s Microbiology team alongside being a Senior Lecturer in infection prevention and control at Nottingham Trent University. She is a member of the Antimicrobial Resistance, Omics and Microbiota (AROM) research theme and is actively engaged in antimicrobial and biofilm research.

Dr Adam Varney

Dr Adam Varney

Research Fellow

Dr Adam Varney is a Senior Research Fellow at MTIF, specialising in microbiology. His research focuses on antimicrobial drug testing and development, utilising classical techniques, bioreactor models, and advanced omics approaches including transcriptomics and genomics.

Adam collaborates extensively with transdisciplinary teams and industry partners to deliver projects on novel antimicrobial testing, reducing contamination in medical devices, and transcriptomic and genomic sequencing.

Becky Coxhill

Becky Coxhill


Becky carries out most of the technical work on behalf of our clients. Becky works closely with clients to put together bespoke work programmes to suit their research needs, as well as lending her expertise to ensure the quality of MTIF’s research is as high as it can be.

Two people working in the lab

Microbiology laboratory

MTIF’s Microbiology laboratory complies to Containment Level 2 standards, ensuring paramount sterility and quality. Our Microbiology lab has also recently been awarded a Silver Award for LEAF Lab Sustainability. The equipment in the lab is available for hire, or can be contracted in collaboration with our researchers on your behalf.

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Bespoke Testing and Analysis Services

We can tailor advanced analytical solutions to meet the specific needs of your research project or idea.