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Through our unique mixture of specialist equipment, facilities and expertise we are able to offer research and consultation services to suit your needs. Cell therapy research and development is a key strength for MTIF. With a strong academic pedigree and state-of-the-art equipment, MTIF can support cell therapy development workflow end to end. Our researchers work with clients across the whole of their research journey. From source material requirements to material supply for clinical trials, to swiftly and efficiently meet our customers’ unique needs.

Cell therapy requires excellent and seamless collaboration. MTIF delivers exactly that; we have developed an integrated set of capabilities, which cover core discovery techniques. Through MTIF our researchers and clients can utilise both primary derived human and animal cells as well as immortalised cell lines in static and flow bioreactors. This includes cell isolation, purification, characterisation, differentiation, enrichment, and expansion of both autologous and allogeneic cell therapies.

Collaborate with MTIF to accelerate your cell therapy development. We are here to offer facilities and equipment, together with personnel expertise to support cell therapy development when in-house resources are limited.

Cell, Molecule and Material Interaction

Cell, molecule and material interaction is an essential component in the development of the next generation therapies including Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs). Our capabilities cover core discovery techniques utilising both primary derived human and animal cells as well as immortalised cell lines in static and flow bioreactors.

We utilise primary, terminally differentiated and progenitor cell sources to evaluate biocompatibility. MTIF is able to develop in vitro platforms such as 3D tissue analogues, enabling the development of cellular models using tissue-on-a-chip, Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats – associated protein-9 nuclease (CRISPR/Cas9) or combinations of both approaches. We are able to fully characterise materials including testing to IS010993

Our Cell Therapy Research experts

Professor John Hunt

Professor John Hunt

Academic and Research Lead

John Hunt is professor and research theme lead at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) focussing on utilising and building the extensive research power of NTU to address what is required from technology and materials in the short, medium and long term. His research centres on developing breakthrough therapies, devices and technology to repair, replace, augment and in the future regenerate diseased, infected and damaged tissues in humans and other mammals using material interventions. John has cultivated strong partnerships with Miltenyi Biotec and has spoken at numerous events focusing on cell therapy research.

Dr Jehan El-Jawhari

Dr Jehan El-Jawhari

Research Fellow, Human Immunology and Cell Biology

Jehan utilises the most robust and efficient research tools to ensure that the best quality of mesenchymal stem cells are used for tissue regeneration and the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

Jehan has experience and expertise in the immunology of tissue regeneration and the interactions between immune cells or mediators and mesenchymal stem cells. Research has also focused on evaluating the phenotype and repair capacities of stem cells from people suffering from different chronic diseases.

Dr Yasser El-Sherbiny

Dr Yasser El-Sherbiny

Research Fellow, Human Immunology and Cell Biology

Yasser is an expert in human immunology and cell biology. He has developed a research portfolio spanning molecular and cellular immunology, stem cells immunomodulation, biomarkers in translational and personalised medicine. Areas of particular interest include innate and adaptive immune responses in cancer, rheumatological disorders and regenerative medicine. Using primary derived cells, the phenotype and function of cells relating to specific diseases and states of inflammation are characterised. Specialist techniques of interest are flow cytometry, RT PCR and NanoString genetic profiling.

MTIF Bioactive Surfaces

MTIF Innovation Centre is home to one of the most comprehensive collections of cell therapy research devices in the country. We are privileged to have forged strong partnerships with Miltenyi Biotec and Normax Technologies, which has given us access to a comprehensive suite of technology that would be an asset to any cell therapy research organisation. Thanks to our partnerships, our clients need not spend large amounts of cash for equipment, instead they can collaborate with us to access the same equipment for a flexible hire period, at an affordable cost.

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Drug development and discovery

MTIF’s unique mixture of specialist equipment, facilities and expertise enables us to offer research and consultation services for a variety of drug development and discovery techniques.