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Providing cutting-edge solutions for tomorrow’s challenges

Our comprehensive materials research provides comprehensive solutions to meet the evolving needs of the medical and materials science industries.

Our research capabilities include:

  • Smart Medical Textiles: Design, fabrication and characterisation of textiles with novel functional fibres and smart materials. Services include standard electronic, mechanical and medical testing, and creation of bespoke medical devices.
  • Thin Film Research: Development and application of nanoscale coatings to enhance material properties for industrial and medical uses.
  • Laser Processing: Precise material modification and fabrication through high-resolution patterning, cutting and surface engineering.
  • Biosensors: Development of sensitive and selective detection systems for rapid and accurate diagnostics, advancing personalised medicine and health monitoring.

By integrating these strengths, we are able to offer tailored solutions for organisations working across the medical and materials science industries.

Meet the experts

Discover the experts behind our capabilities in materials research and innovation.

Dr Yang Wei

Dr Yang Wei

Associate Professor in Wearable Technologies

Dr Wei is an Associate Professor in Department of Engineering at Nottingham Trent University and the lead of Smart Wearable Research Group which focuses on the development of innovative wearable solutions for a range of military and civilian applications. He is a Charted Engineer and an active steering group committee member of the EPSRC E-Textile network and a member of the IPC Electronic-textile initiative committee.

Dr Demos Koutsogeorgis

Dr Demos Koutsogeorgis

Associate Professor of Photonic Technologies

Dr Koutsogeorgis is a Director of Studies for PhD programmes, IMEC Research Centre PGR coordinator, iSMaRT Research Group Leader and Laser Safety Adviser.

Dr Koutsogeorgis’ research interest is in the area of Material Science. Specific areas of interest include thin film technology, laser processing, luminescent devices, plasmonics, electronic devices, smart coatings.

Dr Xianfeng Chen

Dr Xianfeng Chen

Associate Professor in Physics and Bio-nano-photonics

Xianfeng Chen leads multidisciplinary research projects in advanced biophotonics, nanomaterials, fibre optics, biosensors and biomedical areas. He has filed two patents, published 145 papers and has led over 20 research projects attracting funding from EU Horizon 2020, FP7, ERDF, Royal Society, WEFO.

Thin Films Laboratory

Equipment and tools from our Thin Films lab and Laser processing lab are available for hire, or can be contracted in collaboration with our researchers on your behalf.

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Thin films lab

Materials and Substrate Analysis

We are able to offer research and consultation services spanning a wide variety of materials and substrate analyses.


Biosensor and wearable technologies research

We are able to offer research and consultancy services across a wide variety of biosensor, wearable technologies and smart medical textile research areas.