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Revolutionise your workflows

Take a look at the variety of innovative flow cytometry equipment available at MTIF.

The CliniMacs Prodigy machine

CliniMACS Prodigy

The CliniMACS Prodigy is an innovative and automated cellular processing system. This cutting-edge platform combines cell separation, activation, and transduction, streamlining the production of cell therapies.

Designed for clinical applications, the CliniMACS Prodigy ensures reproducibility and scalability in the manufacturing of cellular therapeutics, from CAR-T cells to regenerative medicine. MTIF provides flexible lease agreements to clients wishing to use this sophisticated equipment for their research.

The AutoMACS machine


The AutoMACS Pro Separator is the pinnacle of efficiency and precision in magnetic cell isolation. Designed for versatility, the AutoMACS Pro accommodates various sample types and provides user-friendly software for customisable protocols. Whether isolating specific cell populations for immunology, stem cell research, or clinical applications, this separator streamlines workflows, saving time and ensuring consistent outcomes.

The MACSQuant Analyzer 16 machine on the table.

MACSQuant Analyzer 16

This advanced flow cytometer seamlessly integrates high-performance optics, advanced electronics, and user-friendly software to deliver accurate and reliable results.

With 16 fluorescence channels, the MACSQuant Analyzer 16 allows for comprehensive multiparametric analysis, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of applications in immunology, cell biology, and beyond.

The CliniMACS Electroporator machine on the table.

CliniMACS Electroporator

The CliniMACS Electroporator is a pioneering system designed to elevate the precision of therapeutic cell modification. Tailored for clinical applications, this electroporation platform facilitates the seamless introduction of therapeutic genes into cells – a pivotal step in the development of personalised cell therapies such as CAR-T cells. With its user-friendly interface, customisable settings and rigorous quality control, the CliniMACS Electroporator ensures reproducibility and scalability in the manufacturing of genetically modified cells.

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