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15 April 2024

Lateral Flow developed to test for brain tumours

A lateral flow test

In a ground-breaking development, MTIF Fellow Prof Philippe Wilson’s research group, and Sheffield University are collaborating on a revolutionary medical breakthrough. The widely recognised lateral flow test technology, initially used for COVID detection, is now proving invaluable in detecting aggressive recurring brain tumours. The researchers aim to develop a simple, at-home test similar to those used during the pandemic, targeting tumours responsible for nearly 200,000 annual global deaths.

Recurrence of these tumours post-treatment poses a significant challenge due to their unpredictable timing, making early detection crucial for effective intervention. The lateral flow test, administered through a simple finger prick, identifies specific molecules in the blood indicative of tumour presence, providing an early indication of recurrence. Initially focused on glioblastoma (GBM), the most malignant brain tumour, the technology holds promise for transforming disease monitoring and reducing the burden on healthcare systems

Effective recurrence detection

This innovative approach not only offers more frequent and cost-effective monitoring for patients but also reduces reliance on MRI scans. Professor Philippe Wilson of Nottingham Trent emphasises the potential global impact of this technology, envisioning widespread applications in cancer detection beyond brain tumours. The collaboration represents a significant stride toward timely and efficient recurrence detection, highlighting the potential to save millions of lives worldwide. The support from the Medical Research Council (MRC) underscores the importance of this research in advancing patient care. The work signifies a remarkable fusion of widely understood technology with profound implications for medical science and patient well-being.

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