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Daniela Eberl

MTIF Research Fellow, Animal health and Conservation

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Areas of Expertise

  • Animal Health
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Conservation
  • Biosciences


Roles and Responsibilities

Daniela’s journey began at the University of the Republic in Uruguay (UdelaR), where she graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Science with a passion for wildlife conservation. Building upon this foundation, she completed a master’s degree in Endangered Species Recovery and Conservation at Nottingham Trent University, delving deep into the realm of diseases affecting arctic mammals, particularly focusing on cryptic diseases in polar bears for her thesis. She had the honour of presenting this work at the UK Arctic Science Conference hosted by the British Antarctic Survey in 2023.

Daniela currently works as a research fellow at MTIF where she is immersed in cutting-edge projects at the intersection of medicine and technology, and animal genetic diversity and health. An example of this, is a project looking into the genetic diversity of rare horse breeds, for this she has performed DNA extractions, PCR analysis, DNA quantification, and overall management of the project.

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