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Prof. Rob Morris

MTIF Fellow, Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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BALESTRI, W., MORRIS, R., HUNT, J. and REINWALD, Y., 2021. Current advances on the regeneration of musculoskeletal interfaces. Tissue Engineering Part B: Reviews. ISSN 1937-3368

MORRIS, R.H., GERALDI, N.R., PIKE, L.C., PAWELKE, J., HOFFMANN, A.L., DOY, N., STAFFORD, J.L., SPICER, A. and NEWTON, M.I., 2020. Advanced sandwich composite cores for patient support in advanced clinical imaging and oncology treatment. Materials, 13 (16): 3549. ISSN 1996-1944

MORRIS, R.H., GERALDI, N.R., STAFFORD, J.L., SPICER, A., HALL, J., BRADLEY, C. and NEWTON, M.I., 2020. Woven natural fibre reinforced composite materials for medical imaging. Materials, 13 (7): 1684. ISSN 1996-1944

MORRIS, R., NEWTON, M. and ALMAZROUEI, N., 2019. Operational amplifiers revisited for low field magnetic resonance relaxation time measurement electronics. Proceedings, 42 (1): 1. ISSN 2504-3900

MORRIS, R.H., TRABI, C.L., SPICER, A., LANGMACK, K., BOERSMA, W., WEIGHTMAN, J. and NEWTON, M.I., 2019. A natural fibre reinforced composite material for multi-modal medical imaging and radiotherapy treatment. Materials Letters, 252, pp. 289-292. ISSN 0167-577X


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Areas of Expertise

  • Investigative MRI
  • Imaging
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
  • Spectroscopy
  • Application of hardware and techniques to practical innovation
  • New Product Development
  • Product Testing and Analysis
  • Acoustic Levitation


Roles and Responsibilities

Rob Morris is a Professor of Physics at Nottingham Trent University. He enjoys working at the interface between different disciplines and areas of expertise, bringing people together to achieve common goals. With over 15 years’ experience in multiple aspects of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Rob enjoys applying this important technique to both routine scanning of humans and materials and the challenge of scanning unusual or difficult samples. In addition to imaging, Rob has worked extensively with developing all aspects of Magnetic Resonance (MR) hardware from electronics to magnet design and specialises in building bespoke probes which reduce the cost of entry to MR hardware opening up interesting opportunities.

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