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Offering a broad spectral range and variable angle capabilities, the IR-VASE provides insights into material properties with unparalleled accuracy. Its user-friendly interface and customizable measurement parameters ensure versatility for a wide range of research applications, from semiconductor development to surface science.

Lady working with the JA Woollam Infrared Variable Angle Spectroscopic Ellipsometer (IR-VASE).

Spectroscopic Ellipsometry with the JA Woollam IR-Vase II

Spectroscopic ellipsometry is a highly sophisticated and non-destructive metrology tool.

The innovation in Surfaces, Materials and Related Technologies (iSMART) research group, led by Dr. Nikolaos Kalfagiannis and co-workers from Université de Poitiers, Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Nottingham, utilised this equipment in their extensive research into optical and electronic properties of materials and thin films.

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