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Comprehensive support

MTIF provides comprehensive commercialisation services that support the entire lifecycle of medical device and product development, from initial concept to market launch. In addition to MTIF’s already robust commercialisation expertise, we also work with several important regional and national partners. Their services also include product design, prototyping, technical assessments, regulatory support and clinical trials. Our partners include:

  • Nottingham Trent University
  • Nottingham Business School, Centre for Business Intelligence and Transformation
  • NTU Legal
  • NHS Nottingham University Hospitals
  • University of Nottingham
  • Design Matter, Product design consultancy
  • IMed Consultancy

Bridging the gap between academia and industry

We provide world-class facilities and industry leading experts enabling organisations of all sizes to develop innovative medical technologies. MTIF provides laboratories, clean rooms, specialist equipment and a dedicated team of experts to support the total innovation and commercialisation process.

We accelerate new product development for innovative medical technologies by bringing together technical expertise with regulatory know-how, a network of clinical trial facilities and access to both government and private funding.

Alongside our expertise, we offer a physical space for like-minded businesses to cluster, network and share knowledge to drive innovation and new discovery.

Dr Robert Reisel

Robert Reisel

Technical Director

Dr Robert Reisel is MTIF’s Technical Director and has oversight of all technical activities at MTIF. Robert also has a wealth of experience in product development and guiding innovators from ‘bench to bedside’. Robert’s experience has been developed over many years working with organisations and start-ups in multiple industries.

Professor John Hunt

Professor John Hunt

Academic and Research Lead

Professor John Hunt has worked in developing novel medical technologies and treatments for many years and has cultivated strong relationships across the industry and beyond. John manages MTIF partnerships with NHS, ABHI, Public Health and the academic networks of NTU and the University of Nottingham. John has played a central role in MTIF being a key partner of the Mablethorpe Campus for Future Living, providing our clients and partners with ample opportunities for market access.

Dr Elena Hunter

Dr Elena Hunter

Research Fellow

Elena brings extensive experience in working with early-stage start-ups and organisations launching new medical technologies. She specialises in organising and managing clinical trials to demonstrate the effectiveness of healthcare innovations. Leveraging collaborations with our partners, Elena efficiently arranges and oversees clinical trials, ensuring that clients receive high-quality results within their timelines and strict adherence to ethics.

MTIF building

Discover our Innovation Centre

The MTIF Innovation Centre is located in the heart of Nottingham Trent University’s Clifton Campus. The facility houses multiple scientific departments and labs, which are led by experts and contain cutting-edge technology. The site is also a hub for collaboration with many spaces designed to allow for creative conversations and networking. Due to the location of the facility, clients also have easy access to the plethora of facilities and knowledge across campus and the wider university.