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This is where precision engineering and advanced technologies collide

MTIF supports the development and commercialisation of innovative medical devices and technologies. Our capabilities encompass, but are not limited to:

  • Cleanroom Technologies: Access to GMP-grade C/ISO Class 6 cleanrooms for manufacturing and testing. MTIF’s Innovation Centre’s Cleanroom also houses a Bioquell Isolator Qube, facilitating testing and manufacturing at GMP Grade A standards.
  • Product Design and Registration: Assistance with design, prototyping, and regulatory approval to ensure compliance with Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR).
  • Microbiology and Genomic Pathogen Analysis: Advanced microbiological services and genomic analysis for pathogen detection.
  • Cell Therapy Development: Facilities and expertise for developing cell-based therapies.
  • Investigative MRI and Imaging Suite: High-end imaging capabilities for detailed analysis and research.
  • Nanofabrication and Smart Medical Textiles: Cutting-edge technology for developing nano-scale devices and innovative medical textiles.
  • High Throughput Screening and Biocompatibility Testing: Screening for drug discovery and testing materials for compatibility with biological systems.

MTIF emphasises collaboration between academia, industry and healthcare providers. We offer:

  • Collaborative Ecosystem: Bringing together researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to foster innovation.
  • Partnerships with NHS and Industry: Leveraging strong relationships with healthcare providers and industry to streamline the development process.
  • Regulatory and Clinical Trial Support: Guidance through regulatory landscapes and access to clinical trial networks.

Sterile and non sterile medical device manufacturing

Our cleanrooms allow seamless integration with our nanofabrication and thin film capabilities. This enables clients to manufacture and test medical devices in a sterile environment. With equipment such as fume hoods, spin coaters, maskless aligners and a Grade A Isolator Qube, our cleanrooms can fulfil any requirement you might have for sterile manufacturing.

Our prototyping and design capabilities also include non-sterile manufacture. Our proof-of-concept and wearable technologies lab offers an array of 3D printing techniques that clients can use to develop prototypes. In addition our experts within wearable technologies can develop bespoke products to match your specifications.

Costas Tsakonas

Costas Tsakonas

Research Assistant

Costas has worked on multiple projects within the Nanofabrication research discipline, and has supported projects across a range of scientific disciplines. Costas is highly knowledgeable in Cleanroom technology and offers technical support to clients during their tenancy.

Dr Yang Wei

Dr Yang Wei

Associate Professor in Wearable Technology

Yang Wei leads MTIF’s Smart Medical Textiles and Wearable Technologies Labs. His team develops wearable sensors, technologies and prototypes in line with client needs and requirements. These prototypes can be tested using a range of techniques thanks to the equipment and expertise available at MTIF.

James Meadwell

James Meadwell

Research Fellow in Product Design

James Meadwell is a Senior Research Fellow in Design and leads a product design and research consultancy which supports businesses of all sizes to design and develop new products.

James’ primary role is to engage with businesses on their new product development projects, working as a hands-on product design engineer, design project manager or adviser depending on the nature of the project.

Discover our Cleanrooms

Our cleanroom spaces are fully validated and span IS0 6 and GMP grade A, C and D quality standards. All our cleanroom spaces are fully validated and supported by an automated Facility Monitoring System, addressing temperature, humidity and particle counts. Our expert team fully manages and monitors the cleanrooms so you can focus on your research.