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Wearable Technologies and Smart Medical Textiles

MTIF offers design, fabrication and characterisation of medical textiles based on novel functional fibres, fabrics and smart materials that interact with the body through wearable sensors, actuators, displays and communications.

We offer standard smart textile testing services (electronic, mechanical and medical) and can create devices for diagnosis, treatment and cure of medical conditions, providing bespoke solutions to fulfil the unique demands of each customer.


MTIF’s Biosensors Lab is lead by Dr Xianfeng Chen, who leads the multidisciplinary research in advanced biophotonics, nanomaterials, fibre optics, biosensors and biomedical areas.

Our research centres on exploiting cutting-edge technologies by combining innovative methods and new nanomaterials to enable an integrated nano-photonic platform for biosensing.

Dr Xianfeng Chen

Dr Xianfeng Chen

Associate Professor in Physics and Bio-nano-photonics

Dr Xianfeng Chen leads MTIF’s Biosensor and Opto-nano-technology lab. His current research interests include novel photonic devices and components; nanomaterials synthesis and integration; light-matter interaction; label-free biosensing and bio-detection, and medical imaging and biomedical engineering.

Dr Yang Wei

Dr Yang Wei

Associate Professor in Wearable Technology

Dr Yang Wei leads MTIF’s Smart Medical Textiles and Wearable Technologies Labs, and also leads the Smart Wearable Research Group which focuses on the development of innovative wearable solutions for a range of military and civilian applications.

Smart Medical Textiles and Wearable Technologies

The Smart Medical Textiles Lab is a hub for innovation within one of the fastest growing sectors in the MedTech market. MTIF’s Smart Medical Textiles Lab is home to leading academic experts, who are at the forefront of developing textiles, sensors, and wearable device technologies.