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01 December 2023

DNA Printer BioXP System arrives at MTIF

BioXP DNA/rNA Printer

MTIF are pleased to announce the acquisition of a new state-of-the-art DNA/mRNA printer. Our new collaboration with Normax Biomed Limited enables us to offer access to the BioXP 3250 system from Telesis Bio at our Innovation Centre, to accelerate the development and discovery of new mRNA vaccines and gene therapies.

World-leading workstation

The BioXP is the world’s first commercially available end-to-end fully automated benchtop synthetic biology workstation created by Telesis Bio empowering scientists to accelerate discovery of new vaccines and biologics bypassing process limitations created by the turnaround time, cost, or complexity of alternative means of building or acquiring DNA and mRNA. The BioXp™ system provides over-night, automated synthesis of genes, clones, DNA libraries, and mRNA, enabling users to more tightly integrate design and build cycles, driving greater productivity and reducing time to answer.

Inside BioXP DNA/rNA Printer

A strong partnership

Normax is on a mission to be a strategic partner in the global ecosystem for transformative research, development, and manufacture of safe and effective mRNA vaccines for global public health and pandemic preparedness and prevention. Through this new partnership, we can offer the BioXPTM system to accelerate the development and discovery of new mRNA and DNA vaccines and biologics from building, cloning, and amplifying gene fragments to constructing DNA variant libraries in less than a day.

MTIF provides Normax with access to prototypes, laboratory testing, support regulatory filings, human analysis, and clinical trials. Together, this collaboration will continue to facilitate the translation of innovations from bench to bedside.

Exciting collaboration

Peter A. Jensen, CEO and Chairman of Normax, expressed his excitement at the partnership:

‘This exciting collaboration with MTIF is paving a pathway towards our mission to manufacture safe and effective mRNA vaccines for the world, enabling us to bring product into mass production. In the event of another public health emergency, we are also committed to delivering future mRNA vaccines in 100 days, to help ensure that COVID-19 is the last pandemic we will endure with such a global impact.’

Discover more about the BioXP printer

Our Bio XP DNA/mRNA Printer is a state-of-the-art instrument at the forefront of synthetic biology, enabling tightly integrated designs and the building of cycles.