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Bespoke testing and analysis to fit your needs

At MTIF, our bespoke testing and analysis capabilities offer tailored solutions to meet your unique research needs. From advanced genomics and tissue culture to testing chemical or material properties., our state-of-the-art facilities and expert team empower you to drive innovation and accelerate discovery, whatever your field of research. Partner with MTIF for comprehensive, customised solutions that push the boundaries of scientific research.

If you are seeking an independent academic analysis of your product, research or compounds then get in touch and allow us to work with you to design a bespoke work programme. You will gain access to equipment such as flow cytometers, transmission electron microscopes, DNA/rNA printers – all in one facility, enabling seamless integration.

Imaging Suite

In addition to all of the clinical and scientific testing services we offer., our Imaging Suite supports the provision of electron, visible light, scanned probe microscopy and even Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). These technologies allow for medical devices and products to be tested and analysed in extreme detail, to ensure all defects are eliminated during prototyping. The Imaging Suite facility is completely integrated into our full range of analytical, experimental and technical services.

Dr Chris Gabbott

Dr Chris Gabbott

Biological and Genomic Scientist

Dr Chris Gabbott is a biological and genomic scientist at MTIF who engages with a diverse clientele in medical tech. He uses various techniques essential to cell therapy development, blood analysis, imaging and genomics.

Amy Kerry

Amy Kerry

Biological and Genomic Scientist

Amy works with clients in biosciences and genomics to provide bespoke testing and analysis services. Amy has strong experience working with clinical research organisations and is very familiar with providing excellent services to suit the client’s needs. Amy has attended several training sessions and conferences organised by our partners Miltenyi Biotec and she is proficient in using their cutting-edge equipment such as the CliniMACS Prodigy.

Prof Rob Morris

Professor Rob Morris

Research Fellow, Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Prof Rob Morris leads MTIF’s Magnetc Resonance Imaging (MRI) capabilities. Rob possesses over 15 years’ experience in multiple aspects of MRI. Rob enjoys applying this important technique to both routine scanning of humans and materials and the challenge of scanning unusual or difficult samples.

MTIF Bioactive Surfaces Laboratory

MTIF’s Bioactive Surfaces Lab, is an environment where materials meet innovation. Housing cutting-edge technology like the BioXP system and a full suite of genomic sequencing devices, this lab is dedicated to innovation within biological sciences.